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The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, which is built beside the representative building of the hotel ----the Bell and Drum Tower. It can hold more than 100 people for use. Facing the Zi Island River, backed by the Drum Tower and close to the Li River, it is natural and harmonious. The clever combination design of the bright fitness centre and outdoor swimming pool provides you with the most advanced and complete fitness facilities, and let you feel the unique leisure and comforts in the noisy city while enjoying the sunshine and building your body.

Swimming is one of the most popular sports. Proper swimming exercise not only can bring psychological pleasure, build smooth and beautiful shape, but also can strengthen the cardiovascular system function, enhance physical fitness, improve coordination. Many sports are easy to cause body strain or injury, but swimming is a sport with the lowest strain and damage rate. Therefore, it is a very good sport which can be exercised for life long.

The benefits of swimming:

● Improve the cardiovascular system function  

● Improve the respiratory system function  

● Improve muscle system

● Make the body composition more reasonable and build body shape  

● Improve body temperature regulation mechanism  



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